Center Overview


To create an internationally recognized center of excellence for interdisciplinary entrepreneurship by fostering education, training, and research to develop tomorrow's leaders through partnerships among the Colleges of Business, Engineering, Medicine, and the Patel School of Global Sustainability.

The USF Center for Entrepreneurship is a multidisciplinary, campus-wide center focusing on entrepreneurial education, training, and research. By using innovative, interdisciplinary approaches, the center provides opportunities for students in the fields of business, engineering, health sciences, and sustainability. The center also offers entrepreneurial undergraduate minors to students and supports undergraduate research in collaboration with the USF Honors College.

These partnerships leverage the strengths of all participants to create a nationally recognized program, which enables students to develop the critical skills necessary to imagine creative solutions and transform those ideas into successful endeavors.

The Center for Entrepreneurship is nationally ranked by the Princeton Review as one of the top entrepreneurship graduate programs in the country since 2007; the Center has also received the top three awards from the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE): Best Specialty Program 2004, Most Innovative Course 2005, and Most Innovative Teaching Pedagogy 2006.


Through collaborative, interdisciplinary relationships and opportunities, the Center for Entrepreneurship enables its diverse students to develop the critical skills necessary to identify new business opportunities, accelerate the commercialization of new technologies, and create and grow successful new business ventures through entrepreneurship or innovate within an existing business through intrapreneurship.


We believe:

  • Education enhances knowledge and understanding, giving students the chance to make a difference.
  • Integrity is the key to honest collaborative relationships.
  • Diversity in skills will enhance positive outcomes.
  • Collaboration is necessary for finding global, innovative solutions.
  • Growth is a catalyst for creating sustainable endeavors.