Institute for Excellence in Life Sciences Entrepreneurship

The Institute is an ongoing research initiative established at the University of South Florida's Center for Entrepreneurship in 2001. The Institute maintains an active research program which explores the underlying success factors which drive the creation, growth and failures of businesses and technologies in the Life Sciences Industry. Additional lines of research currently explore the influences of individual company geographic location, financial parameters, intellectual property, FDA and regulatory compliance, and press coverage on stock performance of over 1,000 publicly traded life sciences companies. The Institute operates a large data warehouse tracking over 2500 publicly traded companies with comprehensive information maintained on Life Sciences companies since 1973.

asdfThe goal of the Institute is to promote scholarly research, which will lead to a more comprehensive understanding of the key factors which influence the success and failure of Life Sciences businesses. In particular, the Institute explores the process of entrepreneurship in Life Sciences including:

  • The identification and recognition of new technologies
  • Enhancing technology transfer from the University to the private sector
  • Product commercialization by Life Sciences businesses
  • Regulatory approval of life science products & services
  • Market introduction and life cycle dynamics of Life Sciences products and services
  • Understanding the strategies for corporate growth of Life Sciences business
  • Dynamics of capital formation and utilization in Life Sciences businesses.

The Institute for Excellence offers research opportunities for highly qualified undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students as well as opportunities academic collaborations with faculty investigators interested in Life Sciences Entrepreneurship.

Independent Research & Directed Studies

Interested students may enroll for up to 3 semester credits in either independent research or directed studies to either pursue original lines of research investigation under faculty direction or to work within established research groups in the Institute on various aspects of Life Sciences entrepreneurship. Enrollment in research courses is by permission of the center director and offered on an individual student basis fall, spring and summer terms.

Case Studies

Additional opportunities exist for students interested in developing and writing teaching case studies involving Life Science businesses and Life Science entrepreneurs. Case studies developed will, where suitable, be published as teaching cases examining the early events during Life Sciences venture formation and growth. Outstanding teaching cases will be considered for participation in nationally recognized competitions.

Undergraduate Opportunities

The Institute provides for undergraduate students enrolled in the Honors College at the University of South Florida opportunities to conduct their Senior thesis research projects working on various research projects on-going in the Center. Honors College students should complete during Spring term of their Junior year Master Readings in Entrepreneurship (IDH 4000) and enroll under the direction of the faculty at the Institute in Honors Thesis Research (IDH 4970/4971) during the Fall and Spring terms of their senior year.

For further information on these opportunities and others offered to meet specific needs to students interested in life sciences entrepreneurship, please contact the Institutes director, Dr. Michael W. Fountain.