Center Services

Workshops & Special Events

The USF Center for Entrepreneurship often partners with organizations and hosts workshops for students and companies. Topics range from creating effective financial projections for businesses to planning and presenting original ideas. These additional learning and networking opportunities provide students with the special skills to excel beyond the classroom while helping the local community retain businesses and provide economic development. Held each semester, these workshops help students prepare for the annual Business Plan Competition and assist start-up businesses at the university and in the Tampa Bay area.

Business Assistance

Through partnerships among students, faculty, the university, community entrepreneurial leaders, and companies in the Tampa Bay area, the USF Center for Entrepreneurship seeks to create opportunities for both students and organizations alike. These partnerships leverage the strengths of all participants to develop the critical skills necessary to identify new opportunities, accelerate the development and commercialization of new technologies, and create and grow successful new business ventures.

Entrepreneurial companies seeking business assistance with marketing, operational planning, or strategic planning may qualify for inclusion in graduate student class projects with faculty guidance. Student projects might include web marketing and design, business plans, market research or plans, financial models, or investor presentations.


Tampa Bay boasts a diverse and expanding mix of businesses, from financial services and bioscience, to technology and international trade. As a result, through internships, students can be introduced to many different opportunities and experiences while organizations reap the benefits as well. Internships provide experiential learning opportunities for students to develop leadership, strategic thinking, and effective organizational and communication skills. Interns are expected to develop value-added, meaningful deliverables for their host companies. Students are also expected to participate in open classroom discussion of their on-going experiences undertaken during their internships and culminates the class with a presentation of their project before peers, faculty, and host mentors.