Student Field Projects

Business AssistanceA potential source of assistance may be from USF students who may select your project as part of their coursework. Student projects might include web marketing and design, business plans, market research or plans, financial models, investor presentations, etc. These projects could be performed as part of a class requirement, directed study or potentially a consulting arrangement. Our intent through the Center for Entrepreneurship is to serve as a conduit in matching entrepreneurial organizations seeking assistance with students. Historically, most matches have been made with USF Business and Entrepreneurship students; however, students from other colleges (e.g. Engineering and Health Sciences) have also participated. USF students come from a diverse background, including legal, science, medical, and engineering fields. Traditional interdisciplinary student teams are often complemented by students in USF's Physician and Executive MBA programs.

For a sampling of courses with field projects, please click here.

If you are interested, please email us with a maximum one-page summary that includes a company overview, project descriptions and your contact information. This needs to be a stand-alone piece for handout that really sells the opportunity (you will be competing with other potential projects). This can be updated as often as you would like. Of course, we cannot guarantee matches for either companies or students. The win-win here is for companies to benefit from professional student assistance (with faculty guidance) and for students to receive some real world experience that augments traditional coursework. If selected as a potential project, the student or student team will contact you directly. Please note that course related projects are to be mutually agreed upon by the company, students and course instructor.