USF Entrepreneurial Internship

Entrepreneurial InternshipThe USF Entrepreneurial Internship Program was established in 1998. This program is open to graduate students from all disciplines at USF. It is administered through the Center for Entrepreneurship. This internationally recognized internship program provides unique entrepreneurial opportunities for highly qualified graduate students. These appointments require student interns to engage directly with the Chief Executive Officers or other senior executives of local Life Sciences and other high-growth businesses on internship class projects. By working directly with senior business leaders, student interns develop leadership skills, strategic thinking and effective organizational and communication skills to become successful business leaders. Interns are expected to develop value-added, meaningful deliverables for their host companies. Students will be expected to participate in open classroom discussion of their on-going experiences during their internships, with a presentation of their project before peers and faculty.

Graduate students with strong GPA's are invited to apply.
To apply please contact the Center for Entrepreneurship at (813) 974-7900

Intern Comments

"This program was a great opportunity to get out into the community and use the skills learned in the course of study and to bring value to the sponsor companies. The networking opportunity and recognition of the program is second to none!"

"After graduation, I interviewed with two companies; five out of eight interviewers greatest interest was that of my internship. Each asked detailed questions about my experience and were impressed with the results. It was clearly an important factor."

"The program is changing the way USF develops its students and it will benefit the Tampa Bay Region tremendously."